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Quick Corporate Content Tips for Brick and Mortar Businesses.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for corporates to stay afloat and keep up with the extremely dynamic online community and its platforms. Most companies are finding it hard to rank favorably in search engine for major keywords in their niche of business; this makes them resort to buying artificial traffic.

Well, the idea of buying traffic through PPC or other Ad paying arrangement is not bad, but it only serves as a short term cover-up.

Do you have a content management plan and strategy for your company? ‘But we have an IT intern who manages our social media platforms and updates our blog once in a while’. Bad idea.

If you need to stage a solid online presence for your company, then you need to have some traction. You can only archive a superior online presence by using equally superior web content.

You, therefore, need a team of experienced content writers that have an inner eye for what it takes to rank high in search engines and skyrocket your web traffic…….and sales.

If you don’t have in-house content researchers and writers, you may need to hire content writing services online.

While at that, keep the following tips in mind.

• Make sure your content ranks #1 on search engines for your brand names, or company unique names and phrases

• Don’t just stop at “About Us” and product description pages, go ahead and write some extensive, useful and optimized web content that relates to your service or product.

• Keep your web content focused on keywords surrounding your business niche. If your company deals with landscape design, for example, explore some other related keywords and phrases such as “Ornamental flowers”, “types of landscaping”, “landscaping tips”, “landscaping tools”, “top soil” and so on.

• Share your company’s documents and content in the public domain that you feel may be helpful to your online audience. These may include annual reports, company newsletters, e-magazines, employee profiles, insurance, etc.

• Be smart on social media. The social community hates adverts, trust me on this. People visit social platforms to have fun, release stress and pour their hearts and opinions out. So if you are going to update any promotional content, make it short, interesting and as appealing to read as possible.

Bottom line

Always keep in touch with the latest developments in the web content world, just in case you may be missing out on evolutionary web content innovations.

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