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It’s Time to Rewrite Those Decade-Old Blog Posts

I know you are seating there looking at this and you are like…..‘but my web articles are only four years old!” Well, four years in the internet world is more like, two decades? 1000001 changes could have taken place, including the ever dynamic Google algorithms.

Search engines are ever changing how they search and rank web pages, and so is Search Engine Optimization. There are hundreds of tools being launched online daily to keep up with these changes and the rising population of websites in the internet space.
What does this mean to your website’s ranking?

In order to remain highly ranked for your industry keywords, you need to rewrite your web content. Some years back, webmasters only needed grammatically correct and well-structured articles with a general view of a topic to promote their products or services. Time flies. You now need a whole new comprehensive SEO approach to reach anywhere close to page one on Google for competitive keywords.

Quick tips for rewriting web content

• If you know little about SEO and web content writing, consider hiring expert web content writers.

• Identify keywords that you want your content to be customized with. You can use Google Keyword tool to search for profitable keywords that revolve around your product or service

• If you have your keywords or phrases initially customized in your content, be sure to retain them so that you don’t lose the current search engine ranking. You can then incorporate the latest keywords in the industry to help users find your old web content.

• Unless you want to come up with a whole new set of articles, keep the editing on the minimum end, making sure to retain their message and tone

• Play around with the article structure, and use more of short paragraphs and sentences as well as bullets & numbering.

• Hey, tone down on the rocket science. Even if your web content revolves around technical stuff like brain surgery and quantum physics, take your time to make it user-friendly and easy to interpret.

• Check out for the typos, grammatical errors, and spellings.

When all is said and done, retain the root directory of your articles and check for any broken links. If SEO optimization is well taken care of, you should start seeing your rankings rise on Google and other major search engines within a week.

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